Mobile Digital Transformation

Mobile: what has changed the rules of the game in organizations. We went from “first mobile” to ” only mobile” and have we realized it?

With Mobile, speed plays a double role. On the one hand, Mobile proposes us results now in front of the phenomenon of immediate gratification, giving the user instant results On the other hand in the era of immediate assistance, brands must be provided with experiences that are quick, and as if that were not enough, frictions-free.

Let’s see some points for a mobile strategy to have an impact.

First the client. First the experience.

There is an easy tendency to think first about technology and how to execute a project, rather than think and put yourself in the user’s place.

Imagining includes not only putting oneself in the role of but also mimicking oneself and becoming a user.

We believe that to free ourselves from the frictions of users, the best way to do it is to be users of what we think and build from this point.

To build experiences centered on  users, they must comply with these  3 user requirements:

1) “Help me fast”

2) “Know me a lot”

3) “Impress me a lot”


It’s likely that you were there, with your cell phone abandoned or frustrating yourself for a slow experience. It is not the size of the screen or the content that we see.

The average time to open a mobile site takes 15.3 seconds. Isn’t that an eternity? We have to strive so that the experience is rewarding, and as quickly as possible so that we, the users, can smile. It is about the experience.

If users have a negative experience in Mobile, they are 62% more likely not to  buy from the organization in the future according to Think With Google.

Note: Impact Calculator can help you measure and estimate the impact on the revenue you can have from the speed on your mobile site.

Every moment, an opportunity

We know that the time users spend in mobile is growing. We know that experiences must be increasingly smart and personalized. We understand that every moment in mobile is an opportunity for the experience to be good or bad. A neutral experience is, in fact, bad.

Every second, somewhere in the world, there is a moment in which a user has a great experience in mobile. Take advantage of good experiences, and learn from the bad by being flexible to change them.

Customer Journey

The business model of companies is mutating. Corporations, SMEs, and entrepreneurs are changing the matrix and the way in which business is conceived.

As Gustavo Grobocopatel of the Grobocopatel Group commented, “we are a software company that monetizes with agriculture.” The business model of companies changes,and we can assign much of this to the change in the Customer Journey of companies due to the influence of Mobile in our lives.

Things change. Let’s change.

We know that the risk of that an application after 3 months of use having  a high unsubscription rate is real.

Focusing on increasing the Customer Lifetime Value is a growing need, rather than constant one.

Pablo Baldomá Jones
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