Data Science Environments with Docker & Lambda

Docker and Lambda Meetup San Francisco Edition


The first event in Celerative SF was so good, that we will have to repeat it!  Knowing the emerging needs of Data Science, as a multidisciplinary field that’s changing the world and revolutionizing all kind of enterprises on the recollection, organization and processing data systems, Celerative wanted to share its knowledge and learn from others with this amazing meet-up.

What was it about?

In this first meet-up, we talked about how to use Docker and Amazon Lambda for Data science. It took place in Galvanize – San Francisco (SoMa) in November 2017


Meetup Content


Julián Perelli, a software engineer at Celerative with 10+ years coding experience, introduced practical applications of Docker for Data Science use cases.


Attendees learned:



Want to see the presentation?





Amazon Lambda for Data Science

Juan Salas, Galvanize Data Science Immersive Alumni and CTO at Celerative, presented how to deploy Python code from a command line into a scalable environment already set for production using Amazon Lambda.We learned:



Check out the presentation!


Around 50 people came and enjoyed the meetup. The round of questions and answers took about two hours, as a result of the entertained and useful meeting. Besides, of course, the delicious snacks we had at the end to promote some networking.


We will repeat it for sure! And very soon! Be aware of our social networks that we will be posting our future events for US and Argentina.


See you soon!

Paulette Abdallah
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